Lifestyle Doodle was founded in 2016 as a portfolio to show Sophia Mozzali's works in a fun way. The doodles were colorful pictures of inspiring people, brands or just beautiful photos that needed to be shared. 

Later Sophia decided it was time to follow her other passion as writer, so the website was transformed into an blog/publication. Her idea is to write suggestions, trends, news, personal experiences and everything else that could be interesting to the audience.

As the website name, Lifestyle Doodle (obviously it was linked to her edits), suggests the main topics are related to fashion and lifestyle, the last one includes beauty, music, travel and everything linked to tech.

Lastly YOU, readers, can help with sending advice or if you would like to write some posts, you can propose your topic completing the form below. 


About Sophia.

Sophia Mozzali graduated from De Montfort University, where she studied media and communication. Now she is interning at a PR agency in her beloved hometown Milan.

As anticipated, Sophia created Lifestyle Doodle as a fun-hobby at the end of her first year of university where she was bored and alone. She never expected to collaborate with brands, bloggers or influencers at all. Thanks to her passions she met great people and she was invited to amazing events like Milan Fashion Week.


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