Why I am not posting too much ?!

Lately, many of you DM me on Instagram ( this is my page ) asking why I am absent or posting not as usual...

So, I thought to give you, loyal followers, an explanation.

Since the 23rd of May I started my internship in a buyer office in Milan and even if it's an internship, I work full time and even more, so this job takes all my energy (thanks to the computer screens, especially) and when I arrive back home I just want to take a shower and going to sleep. 

Only during the weekends, I do some works, but the truth is I have no much inspiration and usually I'm not happy to post the edits I have done. 

I'm feeling so sorry because I had planned so many projects to film and to do during summer, (I was sure no one in Italy would hire me because "I'm too young" or with no "serious" experiences....) 

Another fact/truth is that I'm missing "lifestyle doodle" so I really want to re-organise my weekends to find time and inspirations to keep going on with this project that I started and that I care so much. 

So please have patience and I promise you, in few weeks you will be amazed with the new (many) contents on all social media I own.

Lots of love - Sophia  

How many of you can relate to this quote?
Mood since 23/5. Thanks to the long weekend. #internshiplife #quote

Mood since 23/5. Thanks to the long weekend. #internshiplife #quote