Nostalgic of the 90's? I present you Vale (aka @ 90s.inspiration on Instagram), your new obsession.

How many times on various social media platforms you saw a meme or post about nineties trends? 

Personally I read a lot of them and when I am on Instagram scrolling through the photos and seeing @90s.inspiration posts, it’s like to enter in a time machine and returning in the past, when I was too young to remember vividly how people used to dress and to live.

At this point you are wondering who is behind the successful blog (as she will define later in the interview), I can tell you she is a citizen of the world and her 90s icon is Winona Ryder, let me introduce to you Valentina.

Twenty-two years ago she was born in Yakutsk, situated on the north-east of Russia, but she moved to St. Petersburg for studying international relations (Vale is about to start her final year, after spending some months in Strasburg, France) and in future she hopes to learn as many languages as possible and cultures as well while traveling the world.


What inspires you?

My endless inspiration source is art, in any shapes and forms. I mean whether it be music, cinema, photography or fashion.

How did you get the idea to start a page with ‘90s edits?

Well, it was two years ago, August 2015, I was at my parents’ home and I found old Cosmopolitan magazines dating 1990s. I literally started learning them, as if it was for my thesis lol. I immersed myself into thoughts about how my parents dressed back then, which music they listened to, what movies watched, etc. Literally how did they live when they were young (they were +- my age in the ‘90s). Yet I was lucky enough to catch those times (I was born in 1995). I decided why not to create something like a blog where I could share what interests me the most and other people like at the same time: nineties.

Why do you think people are still talking about the ‘90s and keeping to watch shows, fashion trends, etc?

In my opinion, there are a lot of things that helped to make the ‘90s the best decade ever. This decade saw the rise of everything: from music to modern technologies. Everything we know and love today emerged at the turn of the century. Moreover, people like feeling nostalgic. This is the opportunity to feel the same vibes when they were younger. This is truly ‘back to the future’, a little time machine, the past in the present.

Do you find difficult to post and make edits every day?

In the very beginning, it was simple: I posted the pics I like which I found on the Internet. Just like that. Today, the whole thing has changed, including Instagram abilities. I’m trying to improve my edits every time, adding new stuff. So, it has become just different. I can’t say difficult, ‘cause I do like it, but more time-consuming for sure. There is just something magical about the creative process that gets me going.

What are your go-to apps?

I have fun experimenting with new apps, but my go-to ones are ‘Afterlight’ and ‘Snapseed’. For the videos, it’s ‘VHS cam’.

What is your favorite/memorable thing that happens to you thanks to your page?

Instagram itself is a great opportunity to be really into global web directly: you feel yourself as you are everywhere and everytime, seeing things that happen on the other side of the world, connecting with people living thousands km far from you. Not just people you don’t know, but your favorite supermodel and TV host as well! I’m speaking about Tyra Banks, whom I adore since I was a little girl watching ANTM (America’s the Next Top Model). When she started following me, I couldn’t believe this is actually happening to me. Still in shock though haha.

What is one of your favorite photos?

Truly speaking, it is hard to decide which one is my fave. I’ll tell you a little secret. @90.sinspiration is a real mood board, my personal blog, where I share my thoughts, my feelings and events that happen to me and are related to my current life, even if it’s not that evident. So, if you see the pic of someone with a laptop, there is 99% that I’m doing my Uni project or writing essay or once I booked the tickets to Italy, I posted Monica Belucci, etc. The time after I can revise my posts as a memory book. 

What is one of your favorite trend that now is overrated, but you still like to use? 

High-waisted ripped jeans. The ‘90s clothes weren’t just style, they were also really comfortable. That might be why some people believe it is the most unfashionable decade.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Pretty interesting and edgy. Yet a little bit weird.  However, mostly I wear oversized shirt tucked into jeans and combat boots.

Your top 5 Instagram pages to follow?

I have always said that Instagram can also be an art-form. However, applying a filter on a pic doesn’t make it beautiful and interesting automatically. That’s why a good sense of taste and imagination are important. @beyonce, @asaprocky, @vogueitalia, @i-d, @lifestyledoodle.