#Wangfest: Why should it be a real annual festival.

This year New York Fashion Week is more surprising and creative than ever! And Alexander Wang with his idea of #Wangfest is my winner, already!  

His concept included having models (all very well-known) arriving in a "party" bus... All were dressed casually in a fashionable/Alexander Wang way. Also, if you were not in NY to see the show live on the street (it was opened to the public), you can go backstage, now, thanks to Facebook live. 

Obviously, at every festival there is live music, so it was no surprise that the concert (party) after the fashion show was hosted in a warehouse next to the venue.

Anyway, what is better than fashion + music + food ?! Please Alexander make this as an annual thing, thank you! 


The real cherry on the cake (what I liked the most) were the clothes and accessoires, nothing really absurd that it is not impossible to wear in real life, so here a selection of my favorite ones!