Why the name "lifestyle doodle" ?

The name was decided, trivially, when Sophia firstly opened the Instagram page not thinking about the future projects. Even if it isn't the perfect name, it encloses in briefly one of the main area of the posts + doodle (Cambridge Dictionary definition: to draw pictures or patterns while thinking about something else or when you are bored) that could be played as an enjoyable reading when you are bored.

Who is Sophia mozzali? 

Sophia Mozzali is 22 years old, born and grown up in the capital of fashion, Milan. She loves all the kind of arts, food and travel as well as technology. In October she will start her final year of university in England (Media and Communication course), after she will need to decide to stay abroad or return in Milan and also if she want to work in PR or in Journalism.   

What is "lifestyle doodle" purpose about this publication?

Lifestyle Doodle was created as a hobby/fun page of colorful pictures of inspiring people, brands or just beautiful photos. Since the first post on Instagram, Sophia vision was to build in some way a "magazine" and now finally it's her chance to prove herself.  


why changing the website from portfolio to a blog?

Sophia's big dream is to work for an important fashion/art/lifestyle magazine, but also to use social networks.

In a year she will graduate and she has to decide where to work and what profession to choose, so it was the right time to try out her capacities.

Can I still have a doodle edit? If yes, how?

You can still have an edit, just write a mail (lifestyledoodle@gmail.com) attaching the pic you would like to be modify, with the object "Doodle-Edit". 

Sophia will answer you, to see if she is free in that moment to edit the photo.


Can i be a contributor of "lifestyle doodle"? 

Of course! You can decide to write for Lifestyle Doodle every week/month/year or you can just write to propose a topic you would like to read about! (If interested click here)